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You have visited the inexhaustible repository of the antiquities, antique and period furniture, rustic and antique pine furniture, paintings, original antique and nostalgic ornaments. Please do this as often as possible to get a first hand information about our expanding collection.

ANTIKEA is the store of the antique home design more than twenty years.

Antique home design…

Antique objects are belong to the highest category of the home design by its age, and aesthetic and material value. Also made peacetime, homely atmosphere in homes, restaurants and offices.

Stable value investment…

Nowdays some antique artwork, and furniture are changed hands with high price on auctions. Antique home design objects are offer stable value investment in addition its aesthetic value.

Natural furniture

ANTIKEA is the pioneer of the hungarian antique pine furniture trade.  Above all trading of  antique and period furniture, paintings, ornaments, we are selling antique pine furniture, rustic country furniture more than two decades. Natural products become more and more popular, that’s why we are not using chemicals, we only work with environmentally friendly materials, old, recycled wood during restoration and production. Finally ANTIKEA’s furniture get only a beeswaxed surface treatment.

Antikea offers from its collection good quality furniture with favourable prices, restored antique furniture from the end of the 1800 years and authentic replicas from environmnetally friendly recycled wood.

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Antique furniture restoration

Furniture replicas production

Furniture production

Carpentry works

Upholstery works

Antique decoration

Parquet and woodfloor distribution

Sale and purchase

Interior decoration: Villas, flats, cottages, offices, hotels, restaurants, pubs, shops antique and historic interiors

About our works…

Pipo de Ozora renaissance castle

Camaldolese hermitage Majkpuszta

Exhibiton of umbrella Lendva, Slovenia


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